Making a difference, one friendship at a time.Making a difference, one friendship at a time.Making a difference, one friendship at a time.Making a difference, one friendship at a time.

About Us

Our Mission

 Offutt Officers’ Spouses’ Club is a nonprofit organization that serves the Offutt Air Force Base and the local community in two ways. First, the OOSC provides a variety of opportunities to connect with one another and have fun. Second, we help support charitable endeavors in our base community, as well as the communities surrounding Offutt. 



 OOSC organizes a variety of monthly activities that appeal to a wide range of interests. Whether you’re looking for a book club or a bunco group, we have something for you. 

Offutt Thrift Shop



The revenue from our thrift shop goes toward community and base organizations, as well as scholarships for high-school seniors and military spouses.




 Every Spring the OOSC awards scholarships to high school seniors and military spouses pursuing continuing education. If you are a student attending a college or university in the Fall of 2020, start the application process for a 2020 OOSC scholarship here. 

Volunteer Opportunities


The OOSC is a social club with a charitable focus. Part of our charitable impact is through volunteering on base and in the surrounding community.

Charitable Giving


 If you represent a charitable organization and are looking to request funds from OOSC, please fill out this form and submit it via mail before the first Thursday of each month (September through May).  The board is in recess during the summer.  

Club Fundraisers


OOSC fundraising efforts are sourced from various events throughout the year. The Annual Silent Auction in February is our largest fundraiser focused on raising money to benefit OOSC Scholarships and Charitable Giving.  Items are available year-round in our OOSC Shop as well!